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Empower yourself with the techniques and tools that leading fertility specialists use and improve your chances of conceiving naturally. conceiveplease™ Fertility App was created by fertility specialist, Dr. Raewyn Teirney, who has helped countless couples achieve their dreams of having a baby. All advice and products meet Australian health and safety standards.

Periods, ovulations, BBT Charts… conceiveplease™ App calculates it all!

Understand and track your fertility cycle with a tap of your screen. conceiveplease™ Fertility Tracking App sends reminders when you’re expected to ovulate and/or menstruate. You can track Basal Body Temperature, Ovulation urine tests, moods, symptoms, sex and medications, too. Simply enter your information into the App each month.

Fertility Calendar For Clarity!

Remove the guesswork. Get your timing right! conceiveplease™ Fertility App’s calendar makes it easier than ever to understand your fertility cycle. Simply tap the screen to unravel medical facts behind your ovulation and menstrual cycle and learn when you are at the peak of your fertility each month. It’s as easy as that.

Professional Tips To Kickstart Your Fertility Journey.

Dr. Raewyn Teirney, the brains behind this app, knows that the reason many couples struggle to conceive naturally is because they simply don’t have the knowledge about Fertility Tracking presented in a clear and precise way. conceiveplease Fertility App demystifies your monthly cycle and empowers you with bite-size blogs and daily tips on all things fertility.

It’s like having your own Fertility doctor in your pocket.

The more you use conceiveplease Fertility Tracking App, the smarter it gets!

conceiveplease Fertility Tracking App’s prediction algorithm is tailored to reveal your personal cycle and predict your monthly fertility peak each month. The more you track with the App, the more it can predict! Simply enter your emotions, moods, weight and exercise routine, and it will notify you with increasing accuracy every month!

Meet Dr Raewyn Teirney

Dr Raewyn Teirney is the CEO and Founder of conceiveplease™. With more than 20 years’ experience as a leading Fertility Specialist, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, she has helped over thousands of couples conceive and have healthy babies. conceiveplease™ app draws on her expertise in this field of medicine, as well as her passion for empowering couples with the knowledge they need to conceive. She knows exactly how to boost fertility and is passionate about simplifying your fertility journey.

Dr. Raewyn Teirney

Fertility Specialist & Founder of Conceiveplease